Il Sitografo -crea e gestisci il tuo sito internet in autonomia senza spendere denaro Il Sitografo -crea e gestisci il tuo sito internet in autonomia senza spendere denaro
Il Sitografo -crea e gestisci il tuo sito internet in autonomia senza spendere denaro

"Altrarete presents "il Sitografo™"

Create your own website without knowledge of HTML or CSS

Altrarete presents Sitografo™, a tool to autonomously manage your website without having to know HTML or any other technology.

With Sitografo™, structure and contents of your website can be indepentenly created and updated. Texts, pictures, tables, videos and contents can be freely updated, without any maintenance contract.

Sitografo™ does not require you to have any prior knowledge of HTML, web publishing or graphics, but it will give you the chance of having an always up-to-date image on the Internet.

Sitografo™, it is possible to create a blog, an on-line magazine, a web presentation, but also on-line catalogs, small communities and it is an excellent tool to handle contents of any type, even for complex websites.

Sitografo™ is modular and extensible, with additional functional packages, such as the newsletter or the photographic gallery.

What are the main features the make Sitografo™ unique?

  1. Create/edit unlimited pages organized in unlimited levels;
  2. Copy&Paste and Cut&Paste of pages or whole sections of the website;
  3. Menu are easily sorted by Drag&Drop;
  4. Layout and graphical aspect can be completely customized;
  5. Several page models with different visualization options;
  6. Pages can be grouped into freely manageable categories;
  7. Periodic or constant pages highlighting;
  8. Facilitated navigation even in case of many pages, thanks to the "Got lost?" functionality;
  9. Visitors comments with antispam control;
  10. Fully customizable forms;
  11. Sub-administrators can be assigned to each subsection of the website;
  12. Configurable email alerts when pages are inserted or modified;
  13. Sitemap for better search engine indexing

How does it work?

If you are able to use a text editor, for example Microsoft Word®, or if you already used a webmail, such as Gmail o Yahoo mail, then you already know everything you need to use Sitografo™ . With a graphical user interface, texts, pictures, tables and all the elements of a page can be used as in common text editors, without having to install any program, from any computer connected to the Internet.

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